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The programme mainly consists out of private consultations with the Psychiatrist and Psychologist as well as group work.

During the week all patients take part in a programme that aims to provide them with resilience and a sense of readiness for life’s challenges in the outside world. This programme is vital to the patient’s recovery and improvement.

A History of Great Care

Parkmed was originally established in 1994 by Dr. H.F. Joubert.

At that stage there were no other private and dedicated psychiatric facilities in the North West Province. Patients with psychiatric conditions had to be admitted within the mainline hospital structure, resulting in a loss of specialised care.

Parkmed first started off as a 10 bed facility. Due to demand, the Department of Health granted permission to increase the bed capacity to 23 during 1997. In 1999 a full ECT procedure room was added and sanctioned by the Department of Health.

The present facility was developed in 2004. It is situated on one hectare of land near Klerksdorp’s CBD and adjacent to Klerksdorp Golf Club. During 2005, extensions were undertaken, providing for improved accommodation, offices and facilities.

The new facilities further included consultation and therapy rooms, a recreation room, Lapa, “braai” area, swimming pool and scenic gardens.

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